What is Amazon Alexa India?

What is Amazon Alexa India?


 What is Amazon Alexa India?

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant AI technology created and released by Amazon on November 6, 2014, In India, it is released by Amazon.in on October 4, 2017, in New Delhi, which primarily used and assist via echo smart speakers system invented by Lab126 Amazon inc. who’s focuses on artificial intelligence, digital streaming, etc.

Alexa began with Amazon echo smart devices introducing the world to new voice forward experiences and enabling developers to build thousands of skills that made it possible to connect to other services and products through the Alexa voice service Amazon has simplified the creation of conversational interfaces for device makers this allows developers to add Alexa and intelligent voice control to new products from mobile phones and cars to smart home appliances and echo smart speakers bringing magical hands-free voice experiences to customers the Alexa voice service lives in the cloud it’s always getting smarter through API updates new features and Alexa skills AVS offers a comprehensive suite of development tools and resources from technical documentation and development kits to prototyping projects and API making it even faster and easier to build and launch Alexa enabled products build your first Alexa enabled prototype today visit the AVS developer portal to get started with our hardware and software development tools what will you create.

What is the Echo Smart Alexa?
What is the Echo Smart Alexa?


What is Amazon Alexa Features:

Alexa is capable of voice interaction, music playback, bill payments, setting alarms, set reminders, making a shopping list, providing real-time information about weather and news updates that are just the beginning. Alexa can dim the lights or switch on the Geezer as well if you have smart appliances in the house amazon has added a whole host of apps including some apps for kids as well.

Alexa has infinite abilities we call these ‘Skills’ Now what is Alexa Skills?  Alexa can support 30,000 skills and we even asked her to read us a bedtime story, Skills developers have already created thousands of Alexa skills and the selection is growing everyday developers are making Alexa smarter with every skill they create helping you plan dinner or ordering it for you powering your echo smart home by creating new skills with Alexa Skills Kit and publish it on the Alexa app.

Alexa can control smart devices via echo smart systems, wifi, and infrared technology, Alexa is used in many platforms like Amazon echo smart systems, iOS, Fire OS, Android, Linux, etc.

We’re now interacting with technology in the most natural way possible by talking people talk to their Amazon echo and smart every day so Alexa can understand and reply in many languages for example English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese.

Amazon released so many Echo Smart & Alexa devices in last 6 years for example Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo(3rd Gen), Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Flex, Echo Studio with 360 Dolby sound, New Echo Smart display echo show 5, Echo show 8 echo smart display, Echo Show with Premium sound and 10.1″ HD screen and everybody knows about Amazon FireTV stick these all devices controlled by Alexa. Alexa more than the voice of echo she’s the brain behind millions of Alexa enabled devices understanding and replying to questions in seconds.

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What is Amazon Alexa India?

What is Amazon Alexa India? Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant AI technology released by Amazon.in on October 4, 2017, in New Delhi India.



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