Reset Echo Dot India 2021

Reset Echo Dot India 2021

Reset Echo Dot

How to factory reset echo dot?

Today I’ll tell you how to reset echo dot. If you want to gift your echo dot or you’re having trouble with your echo device, I’m going to tell you how to fix it.

Echo dot is the second cheapest echo device that has Alexa on it, and this would be my recommendation for you that first step to fix any software issues that you are having with your echo dot.

Now before you do a factory reset one thing you can try is to unplug the power wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in and see if that fixes your problem if it does not resolve your issue follow the reset instructions.

Okay so to reset your device what you need to do is hold down the action button and that is the button with the little dot as seen on top you need to hold that down for 25 seconds.

After 15 seconds Alexa responds to you “Now it is in setup mode follow the instructions in your Alexa app” but you still press that action button for rest 10 more seconds.

Again Alexa said you “Resetting your device this will take about a minute I’ll let you know when it’s done” Now you can release the action button.

All right so first entered setup mode then it said it’s resetting your device, so you got to hold it down until it gets to be resetting the device prompt.

Okay, so Blue ring looks like it is starting back up from the beginning, and then once it starts up it should be in setup mode completely restarted and reset echo dot to factory defaults.

If you’re going to be selling this Echo Dot device or giving it to a family member, you have to reset echo dot first then unplug it and put it in the box.

When they get it all they need to do is plug it in. It will start in the setup mode, and they won’t have any of your account information or any of your information on the device when they get it.

With the starting music, it’s starting up, and Alexa said “Hello your device is ready for setup just follow the instructions in your Alexa app” all right so now you need to go to your Alexa app on mobile for a new setup.

How to set up Alexa

How to factory set up echo dot?

How to set up AlexaYou have to open the mobile Alexa app Device page which is the option on the bottom right corner of the Alexa app as shown on the image.

What you need to do is go to a device and in the upper right-hand corner and tap the plus sign. You have to choose to add a device and then select an Amazon Echo device.

You have to choose the echo dot because you have the echo dot third generation here so you have to select the picture that is Echo Dot device and it’s asking if you see the orange ring then click yes.

Okay, now you want to select your device from the list it is scanning your Wi-Fi network to choose a network. Now Alexa said, “Your device is ready.

Now it’s ready then hit continue to begin customizing your experience, and it’s asking where you want to put this device so select where you want to place and click continue. Your echo dot set up and ready to go and this is how you reset your third-generation echo dot.

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