How to setup echo dot India 2021

How to setup echo dot India 2021

How to setup echo dot India 2020

Setup echo dot

How to setup echo dot India:

Hi, today I’m going to show you how to setup echo dot in India, so we have the Amazon echo dot with a clock which is 3rd generation echo device for setting up.

The process of how to setup echo dot 3rd generation is the same for any echo that doesn’t have a screen, I’m going to plug it into the back of the echo dot now what will happen is that would turn on and it will show at an orange ring, which shows that it needs to be set up now open your phone download and install the Amazon Alexa app.

For set up 3 generation echo dot First, you’ve signed in with your Amazon account then tap on the menu and Add device which is the top option and then tap Amazon Echo device from the app, it’s an echo dot so we’re gonna choose that one, and then you choose your correct version this one third-gen.

Now it asks you if your echo is displaying an orange light then it will search and find the device and you just tap on it, then it will automatically choosing your Wi-Fi network then type your password.

Now the echo dot is connected to Wi-Fi, tap continues because this is the echo dot with the clock it’s just giving us a little bit of information about what the clock does for you and now you choose in which room your Echo dot clock you can put it and the Alexa app knows basically where it is in your house so if we choose that it’s in the bedroom that’s where we put an echo dot with the clock.

The final step is to tap continue and really that’s the whole process done then Alexa said you she is ready that means that she’s connected to your broadband and connected to the Internet and everything is ready to go so the setup process completed.

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How to reset echo dot

Setup echo dot and Reset echo dot​

How to reset echo dot:

If your echo dot clock is unresponsive or you want to reset your echo dot third-generation press and hold the action button for 25 seconds.

The light ring will pulse orange color then turn off wait for 3 minutes the light ring to turn back on and turn blue the light ring then turns orange again and she said “Hello” your device is ready for setup, just follow the instructions in your Alexa app.

The echo dot 3rd gen device is entered in setup mode so you can set it up by the above process.


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