Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2021

Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2021


Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020:

If you need a smart digital assistant with a screen there’s now an option for every size need a budget and taste the latest in the amazon echo show 8, the echo show 5, or the 10 as per name you’ll know that those devices are both a small and a large version of a speaker and screen combo this is the middle child to both of those devices. learn from the echo show 8 has a no surprise 8 inch HD screen with 1280 by 800 resolution that is the same as the 10 but it’s better than the 5 if you’re keeping score this size is perfect for the kitchen bathroom or bedside.


Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

Features of Echo Show 8:

It has a privacy shutter on the front-facing camera so you can keep the camera off or turn it on for video chats ok so why add a screen to a device like this not only live-ins the device up with colorful screen savers it’ll also display the time and other information but it also lets you watch videos as well from places like Amazon Prime or YouTube you can also make video calls check your video doorbell or security cameras and even watch Indian newscasts like AajTak etc. We’re all trying our best to stay connected virtually, it also gives you an easy and convenient way to video chat with other family and friends who also have a video-enabled Alexa device.  They’ve enabled that in their own Alexa app if you’d rather listen to a book than watch something the show can read books from audible sign into your audible account and you can just ask Alexa to play the title of the book and she’ll resume where you last left off.


Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

Sound of Echo Show 8:

The Amazon echo show 8 speakers is pretty good sounding each of its two internal speakers has 10 watts per channel of power that’s the same as the show 10 but Echo Show 10.1 has Dolby processing, even so, you’re not really trading off audio power for a smaller size at all the sound is clear and good and the bass is surprisingly strong.

Set Up:

Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

How to setup Echo Show 8:

To set up for one of the echo show devices with the video screen is a bit different than a traditional echo device you will do the bulk of the setup on the device using the responsive touch screen so here’s how to do it let the show power up and you’ll choose your location and language then connect your home’s Wi-Fi network you do need to enter your Amazon account information on the screen then follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the rest of the process.


Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

Echo Show 8 Notifications:

The echo show 8 here has a list of things that will display on screen you can choose your screensaver and display options but you can also now turn off some of the more annoying Amazon stock features like birthdays on this day and some of the Alexa tips to do it tap on the screen when you see one of those options pop up there’s gonna be three little dots that appear beside the title you can choose hide this item or otherwise manage what you’ll be shown on-screen this is a nice option for customers.


Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

Uses of Echo Show 8:

The uses of Amazon echo show 8 on a daily basis I found myself using it in a few ways setting timers and alarms asking for daily news briefing as I was getting ready in the morning and enjoy premium HD video with stereo sound as you watch the latest movies and favorite TV shows, Connect friends and family with video calling and messaging. I could also ask Alexa for smart-home commands like turning lights on and off or viewing my ring video doorbell cameras, you’ll likely have your own core ways you use this device there’s plenty of other things you can do with a show if you have to video-enabled Amazon devices you can make video calls from room to office or kitchen or whatever you’ve called that camera it’ll open up a video link to the other device you can also use the echo show 8 to make calls to other people who have echo devices or Skype.

My Opinion:

Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020

In my opinion:

I’m still really liking my echo show experience the audio quality is great and so is the video quality though the screen size isn’t your ideal viewing platform in my opinion for longer form content like movies watching TV shows or short videos on here is just great if you do want to watch a lot of video I would recommend you upgrade to the larger 10 inch show if you’re looking for a smart digital speaker that can do more and going to fit in smaller space the Amazon echo show 8 is great choice, the Amazon echo show is about 8999 rupees and if you get it sometimes when Amazon is doing its deals you may even get it a little bit cheaper looks good screen is great everything really works out very well and I think eight inch is just about the perfect size for home & offices.

Our Score

Best Echo Show 8 Review India 2020


Total Score

Echo Show 8 Review:

Change your device language to English/हिन्दी via the Language options inside the Device settings on the Alexa App. If you don’t see this option, please make sure you have the latest software update on your Echo device and the latest version of the Alexa app. 



4.1 out of 5

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